Cyclospect Cycling

Cycling is an important adventurous sports activity where exercise, workouts, and sports can be enjoyed together. Before going for a cycling there are some important points which one should remind to self.

For going for a cycleing or developing a hobby of cycling one has to have a good sport cycle. As the cost, models, types varies in cycle the goal of cycling should be first decided.

There are certain points to remember before buying a cycle.

  • What type of cycling will I be doing?
  • What's my budget?
  • Where I am going for cycling ?
  • Weather I will be adventurous sports or it will be just a hobby for cycling?

Cyclospect Cycling

The sport or activity of riding a bicycle.

Depending on all the above questions one must make a mind to buy a cycle. While buying a cycle an appropriate cycle which suits to our height should be bought. Many a time it has been observed that cycle which is used does not suit to a person’s height and his physique. If not properly selected it can injury the muscles and knee ligaments and can also lead to back problems.

There are mainly three types cycle which are available in Indian Market.

Road Bikes

These lightweight bicycles are built for speed and long distances. Drop handlebars, skinny tires, and a minimal saddle are their most distinguishing characteristics. Road bikes are built for speed and smooth riding. They are nimble, fast handling, precision machines best suited to more experienced riders and avid cyclists. However, many guests find that a road bike is actually more enjoyable than other bicycle types as they make the cycling a bit less difficult. The riding position is aerodynamic with the rider bent over the dropped handlebars. They are designed for well-paved roads and cannot be used for off-road riding.

Mountain Bikes

If you want to get off the road and ride in rugged terrain, a mountain bike is the one for you. Mountain bikes put you in an upright riding position for better visibility, and have flat handlebars for good steering control. They are equipped with fat, knobby, shock-absorbing tires. A typical mountain bike also has a shock-absorbing suspension system. Hill climbing is a lot easier on a mountain bike because they have a wider gear range than a typical road bike. They are heavier than road bikes, but are more comfortable to ride.

Hybrid Bikes

The hybrid or cross bike combines the comfort and upright riding position of a mountain bike with the lighter weight and responsive features of a road machine. Tires are narrower than a mountain bike’s but wider and more robust than a road bike. A hybrid shares the same wide range gearing as a mountain bike which makes hill climbing a snap. They also handle well on less-than-perfect roads. You can use one for trail riding, but a hybrid won’t be able to stand up to the roughest of terrain.

The above bikes can be purchased as per our need , in which area we are going to cycle.

There are various frames available in cycles for males and females . These frames are to be selected as per specific requirements.

There are many frames of bicycles available in market. These are :

  • An old-fashioned penny-farthing or ordinary has one high wheel directly driven by the pedals and one small wheel.
  • A dwarf bicycle has a chain-driven front wheel.
  • On an upright bicycle, also called a safety bicycle, the rider sits astride the saddle.
  • On a recumbent bicycle the rider reclines or lies supine. Recumbent bicycles (also 'bents) are designed to maximise comfort and minimise wind resistance, because the rider in a supine or semi-supine position.

The size of the frames are to be selected as per our need.