Frequently Asked Questions

  • There will be 3-5 support stations on the day’s route.
  • A minimum of one support motorcycle will be patrolling between support stations. [Patrol timings will be provided during briefing]
  • A sweep truck/sag wagon will be trailing the last group of riders.
  • Ambulance, medical staff & physio experts will be available on support through each day of the tour.

If a rider can’t complete the ride for any reason they will be taken in the sweep vehicle. We call this sweeping. The sweep truck will begin sweeping at sundown or at the discretion of the Cyclospect organising team. Please note that this is for the safety of each rider on the tour and we request you to cooperate with the sweep truck in case you are asked to stop.
A sweep can occur at other times than only at sundown (varied reasons like fitness issues, on medical advice etc). Kindly cooperate.

No. In the evening after riding the whole day, you would be adamant to finish the race on your own terms but if the sweep truck reaches you before that; please cooperate with the sweep truck and allow them to get you onboard the truck. We hope that we never have to sweep anyone but safety comes first.
Please ensure a quick pick up in case it happens since, there would be riders in front also who might need assistance or need to be swept.

Each support station will have a cut off time (with enough of a time gap provided). If a rider can’t reach the station before cut off time, he will be swept (cut off time will be provided each day at the briefing)

It is expected that the biker knows basic repair fixing a flat tyre, chain slip, brake issues etc. In case of any mechanical failure or for help, immediately call the volunteer incharge, help them to identify your location. A vehicle will be sent to pick you up.

Yes there will be a on-road medical crew which includes:

  • 1 Doctor
  • 1 Physiotherapist
  • 1 Nurse
  • 1 Ambulance

Immediately call the tour director or any volunteer (numbers will be provided at the pretour briefing)