Safety Measures

Care while cycling

Cycling is an important activity in sport and fitness. The difference in other sports and cycling is that cycling in India is carried on road which also have other traffic.

There are no special cycling tracks in India. So great care must be taken regarding safety when we cycle on the road.

Certain safety measures are important to have a safe cycling.

One should wear in the correct size and securely fastened:

Cyclospect Cycling

Safety Measures

  • a cycle helmet is very important to be on a safety part
  • appropriate clothes for cycling - avoid clothes that may get tangled in the chain, or in a wheel or may obscure lights
  • light-coloured or fluorescent clothing which helps other road users see you in daylight and poor light
  • reflective clothing and/or accessories (belt, arm or ankle bands) in the dark.
  • Cycle reflectors of white and red colour are compulsory so that other vehicle drivers can see the cyclist from a distance.
  • While cycling keep both hands on the handlebars except when signalling or changing gear
  • While cycling keep both feet on the pedals
  • It’s very important that one should not ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads or when riding round bends One must not ride close behind another vehicle.
  • Do not carry anything that will affect your balance or may get caught up with your wheels or chain.
  • One must be considerate of other road users, particularly blind and partially sighted pedestrians, let them know you are there when necessary, for example by sounding your bell or horn.

While cycling one must not

  • carry a passenger unless your cycle has been built or adapted to carry one
  • hold on to a moving vehicle or trailer
  • ride in a dangerous, careless or inconsiderate manner
  • ride when under the influence of drink or drugs including medicine.